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How do we shape our Seattle neighborhoods?

Build a campus

  • Design and set buildings in harmony with their neighbors. Cluster like-kind development to encourage the emergence of activity hubs. Live close to work: build high-density condos and medium density town-homes.
  • Focus on the scale and variation of facades.

Create an "uptown"

  • Uptown is a welcome mat: where unique designs coexist, where people feel encouraged to congregate & call home. Form a community: structuring common areas which encourage pedestrian conversation. Choose exterior materials highlighting design integrity. Brick is timeless. Create a vehicle-free pedestrian corridor with retail shops. Design plazas, both grand and quaint, major and minor.
  • Keep to the human scale: coordinate standards & street lamps, use warm-colored lighting.

Parking is Key to In-City Development

  • Separate parking and automobiles from the stream of high-density pedestrian life.
  • Be willing to innovate: consider structured parking, pay for use, and van pools.

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