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JRJ Development to Host Green Building Educational Event for Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment Green Training Course

(Seattle, WA)-June 16, 2010-On Thursday, June 17th the Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment will gather 30 area Real Estate professionals at the site of JRJ Development's Shilshole Pointe Geo Homes project as part of a carbon reduction training program.  This is the first installation of Geothermal Heating and Cooling for an entire community of homes in the City of Seattle.  They have chosen this site as an ideal location to explore the opportunities to improve energy efficiency in homes as well as the many environmental benefits of the materials, techniques, and technologies common to green building.


The Shilshole Pointe Geo Homes project will be a collection of Seven Built Green 4-Star 3rd Party Verified homes in Seattle's Sunset Hill neighborhood in Ballard.   The various other green features of each home will include among others superior insulation, extensive use of materials reclaimed from the site, rainwater collection, low-flow fixtures, low VOC finishes, and passive ventilation.


Geothermal Heat Pumps are the most efficient heating and cooling technology available today according to the US Department of Energy.  Buildings who employ this technology can expect an annual savings of nearly 60% for space heating and domestic hot water over conventional systems.  This installation included the drilling of four 200-225 foot deep loops (down and back up) for each home into which 1600 feet of tubing filled with a liquid solution was placed to form a continuous loop.  The ground at that depth maintains a constant temperature of 55-57 degrees Fahrenheit year round (warmer than surface temperatures in the winter, cooler than in the summer), and basically a heat exchanger does the rest; heating or cooling as needed.  It is a relatively simple technology that could have a dramatic impact on a number of environmental considerations, namely and perhaps now most poignantly a reliance on fossil fuels for residential (and commercial) space conditioning and water heating. Among the list of benefits immediately available to the homeowner is a tax credit of 30% of the total installation cost*.

About JRJ Development


JRJ Development has been building homes in the Seattle area since 1992.  Their vision began with a desire to enhance Seattle neighborhoods by developing and constructing high quality properties.  The knowledge, experience, and perspective they have gained from 18 years in local building has encouraged them to explore and now confidently integrate technologies such as Geothermal Heating and Cooling into their projects; along with a myriad of other green building practices.


About the Office of Sustainability and Environment

The Office of Sustainability and Environment is working with consultants, the city council, and various organizations examining the science of carbon neutrality as one the city's sixteen Council priorities.  Through the use of tools such as the Energy Performance Score they are working to meet Seattle's goals of 20% energy reduction by 2020 from the Seattle Average energy use in 2008 and an 80% reduction by 2050.


The event at the JRJ Shilshole Pointe site was organized by Christie Baumel, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant Manager at the Seattle Office of Sustainability and Environment.



Project Team

Architecture:                                                     Tangent Architecture, Anne Van Dyne, Principle

Interior Selections:                                          Rachel Ravich Designs, Abrams Architects

Builder:                                                               JRJ Development

E-Certification: MBA Built Green of King and Snohomish Counties

Verifier: Conservation Services Group, Tom Balderston

Geothermal Equipment Contractor:        All Ways Radiant Heat

Geothermal Furnace:                                     Econar


*Based on an installation cost of $40,000, homeowner's will be entitled to a $12,000 tax credit which can be used over multiple tax years.


Media Contact:


Matt Muhsam



M 206.321.1731

F 206.725.0971

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Jason Kintzer

JRJ Development

O 206.529.1000

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